Zunir’s supply chain

Hand block printing is an ancient tradition in india and like so many others we fell in love with it while traveling through India

After a long search we found an interesting non profit organisation in a remote place in the desert. Luckily we had motorbikes to go back and forth, because public transport is not an option in this area. We closely work with this rural management to create beautiful textiles in a process where almost everything is done by hand;

it is a slow but enticing process
Hand blocks ready for printing

At the workshop – that has been in the family for over 5 generations – printing blocks are carved out of teak wood. The cotton is pre-treated by washing it in a mix of water and curcuma to increase the durability and to make the dye set more easily. After drying the fabrics, the blocks are dipped in dye and with precision, stamped on the cotton that has been laid on long tables. After the whole fabric has been block printed, the colours need to be set by boiling them in a mixture of water, alizarin, and flowers from the Dhaura tree.

We have a short supply chain

Because we want to know what is going on, we keep our supply chain short. How every person involved in the creation of our products is treated and how they benefit. We care for the environment, every decision we make along the way has been made with respect to the world we live in. We choose eco paper where possible, we do our banking with Triodos Bank and all dyes used are made of vegetable and organic pigments.

We invest in high quality; we want our products to have a long life cycle and not be part of a ‘throwaway culture’