Ethically made by hand

Zunir works with artisans in remote areas in India. With them we design beautiful patterns for bed linen. Our bed linen is produced using the ancient Indian tradition of hand block printing. For printing we use cotton from a Fair Trade mill. The herbal dyes used in the proces are completely organic to prevent damage to the environment, but also to you.

empowering rural WOMEN in india

Our hand block printed textiles create better opportunities for marginalised workers in India. By supporting an educational program, people can get an education for free. These programs are for everyone, but have a focus on women. They learn practical skills to become independent.


All our products are handmade and therefore unique; every item is slightly different! The minor flaws give them character. Fall in love with our products, and protect them for a long life cycle. Our products are time-consuming to manufacture, and therefore we produce in low quantities.

Zunir stands for fair business; every person involved in the process is treated with respect and benefits. With every decision, we carefully consider the impact it has on the environment.

From India to the Netherlands