the initiator: Rieneke

“I care about independence, honesty, and freedom. This is why I also feel the need to learn every aspect of setting up a business abroad myself.  So far I love the responsibility for the complete supply chain from India to the Netherlands. 

Being a travel and textile junky and always dreaming of setting up my own textile company, I fell in love with the ancient tradition of hand block printing. This was during a half year trip in India driving on a motorbike from South to North. I decided this was my chance and stayed and found a beautiful community in Rajasthan.”

“I find cultural differences fascinating. India has a rich, and ancient culture that is hard to grasp for people from elsewhere, and the gap between rich and poor does not help. I can emphasise with people, but my policy is not to pity. In my opinion when you pity someone, you lose respect, and having respect for one another is extremely important.”